California Well Services is at the forefront of the oil and gas industry, providing specialized plug and abandonment services to its customers.

Recognizing the importance of decommissioning wells responsibly, the company employs a team of skilled professionals and utilizes advanced technologies to ensure the safe and efficient closure of oil and gas wells. From meticulously planning the abandonment process to implementing robust well-plugging techniques, California Well Services takes a comprehensive approach to meet regulatory requirements and environmental standards. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their ability to manage every aspect of the plug and abandonment process, offering customers a reliable and environmentally conscious solution for retiring oil and gas wells.

Through their expertise, California Well Services contributes to the industry’s sustainable practices while addressing the evolving needs of well closure in compliance with regional regulations.


  • Category:Power and Energy
  • Client:Energy Producers Ltd
  • Date:18th Aug, 2017
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